Friday, February 13, 2009


- Food Party -

I've had a lot of people asking about the psychedelic half-puppet cooking show I co-write and direct for, Thu Tran's FOOD PARTY.

(If you don't know about Food Party, then you can learn all about it at your local public library, OR here:
Last month marked our fourth episode release party at the Monkeytown screening room in Brooklyn. ( ) The newest episode involves the soap-opera antics of love and death between your lovable host, Thu Tran, and her lover (played by a piece of bread).

Food Party FOURTH EPISODE : "baguette drama" from Thu Tran on Vimeo.

If someone had offered us to do Food Party as a for-honest-to-God television show, I would have thought they were some sort of disguised evil troll, trying to steal our souls and gold. "Riddle-me-dee! A show all for me!" The troll would gloat. BUT WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN? We got a guaranteed non-troll offer to do just that. Due to a lot of blood, sweat and gumption, Food Party will soon be filming a number of BRAND NEW episodes for the Independent Film Channel. Pre-production begins in early March, and should be wrapping in May. This is a very big venture for everyone involved, we are really excited. I'll keep you as updated as I feel like!

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