Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I'm heading to Cleveland, dear friends! I'll be working on this year's science-meets-art Ingenuity Festival, unleashing July 10-12. I'll be with my friend Ian Charnas, putting on an amazing new performance piece entitled: "Tesla Orchestra". It's a music/dance/puppet chunk of entertainment all revolving around a Tesla coil: a kind of giant music playing electricity conductor. Here's video of one in action:

Ours will be a full on, punch your face entertainment spectacular that climaxes in, oh I DON'T KNOW, A GIANT ROBOT FIGHT. I'll be posting more info as it comes.

Visit the performance site at :


John Lee said...

Sounds Awesome. How long will you be in Cleveland? Maybe a can actually come and see it, who knows.

kevin said...

I never get tired of the singing Tesla coils! Thanks for the video. I like the Tesla coil construction and operation guide here:
I also like the Tesla coil stuff on: